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STORY   OF   THE   S I N O - J A P A N E S E   WAR       391
glorious future/' but the point is, they will have come to lend money and the owner of the glorious country with a glorious future will desperately desire to borrow. The contemptible China trade, not worth fighting for, will be transformed into a "big possibility" with no risks. It is barely conceivable that stray bands of Chinese soldiers and jingoistic, young partisans will indulge in expressions of their new-found pride by a few occasional outrages on foreigners in China, aping the Japanese. But the innate Chinese quality of toleration will come out again, and Chiang Kaishek can be counted upon to check any discourtesy to potential money-lenders. At least, the Chinese will not machine-gun the British Ambassador's car, sink American and British gunboats on the Yangtse, kick American women "in the pants," slap American consular authorities in the face, throw American flags into the Whangpoo, bayonet French priests protecting Chinese women, ask foreign correspondents to remove their cigarettes before sentries on the Shanghai Bund Bridge—all these raw, insolent acts of anti-foreignism and anti-Europeanism that were expected of the Chinese, but not quite perpetrated by the Chinese Boxers. The anti-foreignisin of the Chinese Boxers of 1900 has become a perennial label against the Chinese, accepted by the Western public that do not realize China in the last forty years had had her national arrogance entirely beaten out of her, and that the prize for this national and racial arrogance has passed to the Germans, the Italians and the Japanese—the descendants of Siegfried, Julius Caesar (!) and the Sun Goddess.
Moreover, it must be sufficiently understood that human hatred is allotted to every man in a definite, fixed quantity when he is born. That quantity varies with individuals, but given the quantity, he cannot hate more than is psychologically possible for him. Only psychologically abnormal individuals and nations can hate everybody, and the Chinese are fortunately psychologically perfectly sane. What hatred Nature has endowed them with is so spent on the Japanese that they physically have no more hatred left for any other person, white, black or copper-coloured. I am quite sure the Chinese, on the whole, think of the Japanese as veritable demons now, and therefore by comparison think of every other national as at least a fellow human-